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“We believe that every person comes to a place in life where they are experiencing struggles. It is at these moments when some seek outside help to assist with difficult situations. Learning new skills can help navigate life’s paths more effectively. Having an outside support person (Counselor or Therapist) to assist during these times can be very beneficial to help overcome the adversities at hand.” – Alisha Cobb

Alisha’s Educational Background

Overcome Adversity currently has one counselor, Alisha L. Cobb, MSC, LPC-MHSP. Alisha attended Carson-Newman University for her post high school studies. She majored in Applied Psychology during her undergraduate program at Carson-Newman and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree within this major.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Alisha Cobb later re-enrolled in the graduate program at Carson-Newman University. Mrs. Cobb successfully completed the graduate program and was awarded a Master’s of Science in Counseling degree.

Alisha L Cobb walking with her Masters from Carson-Newman. 2013 starting her own company - Overcome Adversity
Alisha L Cobb walking with her Masters from Carson-Newman and in 2013 starting her own company – Overcome Adversity

Once she obtained her Master’s degree, Alisha began the process of working toward becoming licensed. As of 2015 she has been licensed as an LPC (licensed professional counselor), MHSP (mental health service provider)

After that, in 2016 Alisha started the process of obtaining her PhD in Counselor education and supervision at the University of the Cumberlands. Therefore, this allows her to provide Clinical Supervision to others seeking state licensure. Additionally, she will be able to teach at a university level and start building a group practice. 

Clinical Experience

Alisha Cobb began working for a company in 2006 that provides intensive in-homily therapy to families in East Tennessee. During this time Alisha has assisted many families in their development of a wide variety of skills such as Anger Management, coping skills, parenting skills, and communication skills. In her work with children, specifically, Mrs. Cobb has helped in the development of social skills, positive behaviors, de-escalation plans, and relaxation techniques. In conclusion, many struggling families have been able to learn new skills and interaction patterns. This helped to increase their level of Family Harmony because of their work with Alisha in the therapeutic process. Alisha will continue her work with this company while also working to build a private practice through Overcome Adversity.

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