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Family cohesion (sticking together) is something every family strives for. At times this is difficult to maintain and at other points life events happen that cause us to bind together. There are aspects of life that can complicate family cohesion are ever present in our lives. Of these things some we can work through on our own but at other times the situation may be too complex and you need additional, outside help in order to regain family cohesion. Below are a few factors than can decrease family cohesion and may require profession help to solve.

Topics that Frustrate Family Cohesion: Finances and Employment

It takes a certain amount of income to operate a household effectively. Many families find themselves arguing over a lack of finances or arguing over financial priorities. Also, if one parent works while the other stays home with the children the stay-at-home parent can feel neglected because the working parent is not home often. This can put pressure on the working parent to spend more time at home, possibly putting his or her job at risk, which will then cause a more eminent stressor if there is no income coming into the home at all.

Topics that Frustrate Family Cohesion: Sibling Rivalry

Children will do what it takes to get attention from their parents, good or bad. They will “tell on” the mistakes of their siblings, compete with each other constantly, or tease each other without regard to feelings that may be being hurt. While this is a clear issue of jealously between the children there can also be an issue created between parents. If a parent tends to favor one child over the other(s) this can intensify the conflict occurring within the family unit.

Topics that Frustrate Family Cohesion: Child Discipline

Each adult has his or her way of how they think a child should be disciplined. Obviously, if you and your partner have the same style, life can be much easier in terms of having a united front to address behavior issues with your children. However, more often than not parents do not have the same ideas about how a child should be disciplined. When this is the case, it becomes easy for a child to manipulate the situation and pit one parent against the other. We all know how well things work when leaders are not on the same page. Not only are you sending mixed messages and not providing consistency, you are also giving a good example of how to not work as a team.

Topics that Frustrate Family Cohesion: In-Laws and Extended Family

In a picture perfect situation, you marry a person with family members who adore you and would never speak unkindly of you. In reality the person you choose to marry comes with parents, grandparents, siblings, and other extended family members who can be very opposite of your spouse. While it is always good to be respectful of your spouse’s family this can be very difficult if they constantly interfere with your lives, decisions, or lifestyle.

If you are experiencing any of these struggles and would like help addressing them or have other issues with family cohesion that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us to set up a session with a counselor.