Clinical Supervision for Counselor Licensure

Alisha L Cobb, MSC, LPC-MHSP – Clinical Supervisor for Licensed Professional Counseling (LPC) and Mental Health Service Provider Designation

Clinical Supervision Coaching
Clinical Supervision Coaching

LPC | Clinical Supervision, where do I start?

It all begins with clinical supervision. Secondly, the path to becoming a licensed counselor varies from state to state. Additionally, you must complete clinical hours based on your intended licensure, complete supervised hours, personal contact hours, and complete the state licensure exam(s). In conclusion, start by reaching out to us to begin your clinical supervision to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.

How Long does it take to become a Licensed Professional Counselor?

Becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) is a long but rewarding journey as it takes years to complete. you will need to possess a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. After that, you can then start acquiring your state licensure with clinical supervision.

Education to become a Counselor
Master’s and Doctoral Degrees – How to become a Counselor

Types of Counselors

  • Mental Health Counselors
    • They work to provide emotional and psychological support to help individuals.
  • Addiction Counselors
    • Alcoholism, gambling, shopping, and sex addiction are a few types. For instance, each person needs to understand their addictions, establish treatment plans, and create appropriate coping mechanisms.
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
    • Focus on couples and family relationships. They help people rebuild relationships. Additionally, the therapist helps with creating compromises and establishing boundaries. Furthermore, couples may see a counselor to help build a stronger connection or for regular relationship maintenance.
  • Spiritual Counselors
    • Support and guidance are provided to clients as they develop their journey in life.
  • Rehabilitation Counselors
    • Overcoming challenges related to work success or daily life. Additionally, some may have disabilities that they face. Above all, counselors can provide them with tools and techniques to live and work independently.
  • Domestic Violence Counselors
    • Address Abuse and victimization. For instance, Domestic Violence counselors help develop coping mechanisms.
  • Grief Counselors
    • Deal with losses of loved ones or from a life-changing event(s).

Clinical Supervision Supervisees

We are now accepting new supervisees who are looking for additional advancement in the field. Additionally, we offer both individual clinical supervision and group clinical supervision sessions. In conclusion, those seeking licensure and training have hands-on growth with my mentorship.