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Marital Counseling – Signs you might need professional help!

Remember in the beginning when all was rainbows and unicorns. Time, hurtful arguments, life transitions all can impact the marriage. Relationship tune-ups and serious repairs may be just what you need. All couples face and experience conflict in the marriage. Couples therapy can help

You have grown apart over time

Over time couples forget the things that brought them together in the first place. Growing apart could be due to many things like kids pulling all the energy from the couple. When was the last “Date Night”? Avoidance of one another to keep from fighting is not healthy. Loss of connection and intimacy at the cost of keeping the marriage and household responsibilities intact.

Financial conflicts, Money

Money, money, money, and all the issues that come with it. Money for couples can have ongoing issues. Differing spending styles or disagreements can add stress about not having enough money or the different priories. Strong feelings of envy, Anxiety, and Anger can create issues that need marital counseling. Therapy helps partners understand each other’s relationship views on money and how it can create conflict.

Marital Counceling
Couples looking for Marital Counseling

Hurtful arguments or unproductive talks

Each of us handles conflict in different ways. Does your partner thrive on confrontation? Having a flight response when things get heated? Do the issues build until there is a big blowout? Do you find yourself in the same argument over and over and over? Couples therapy teaches each partner how to diffuse disagreements and how to do it respectfully to keep the relationship healthy.

Big transition in life

Life transitions during a marriage can create discord. The list can go on and on for what these transitions may entail: a new addition to the family, illness, retirement, or that job offer in another state, to name a few. These are all situations a counselor can help a couple with during marital counseling sessions.

Someone has been unfaithful – Cheating

A breach of trust due to cheating is very damaging. When an affair occurs, it takes both partners working together to overcome the situation, and finding a marriage counselor will help greatly. Both parties have to be open to receive help.

marriage counseling happily ever after Overcome Adversity Cobb
marriage counseling happily ever after Overcome Adversity Cobb