Thinking About Divorce?

Counseling for Couples Thinking About Divorce

Every year many couples find themselves considering divorce. There are a wide array of reasons people think this becomes their best option. In some cases, that may very well be true; however, there are just as many situations in which the conflict could potentially be resolved with the efforts of both people involved.

Often times when we get to the point of considering divorce we think about possibly attending counseling to, hopefully, save the marriage. The sooner you seek counseling for issues the better. The longer you allow an issue to be present in your marriage the more damage it causes you as a couple, the harder it becomes to resolve, and the more effort it will take from both parties to repair.

Another factor to keep in mind is the longer there is discord in your marriage the less you will feel like putting in efforts to save it which is a catch 22 if it is a struggle you have been fighting about for a long time. However, if you are one of the many couples who has dismissed the resource counseling can be until last resort, it could be the best decision you have made recently and in the nick of time in order to save your marriage.

Couples seeking Counseling
Couples seeking Counseling

Couples seeking Counseling

Before making the definitive decision to end their marriage, Couples who choose to seek counseling will find that doing so can be very helpful. The counseling setting is one of no judgment in which both partners can openly discuss “hot topics” with a neutral third party. In some marriages by the time you get to the point of considering divorce you aren’t even talking to your spouse much, let alone about anything productive or important. Maybe even in times when you do attempt to talk, the receiving end of the interaction isn’t so receiving.

Attending counseling provides an uninterrupted setting where each person can be heard and listened to. It also allows for each person to hold themselves accountable for areas where they are not contributing positively to the relationship. In attempting to deter divorce, it takes a lot of effort from both people to look at each other, and most importantly themselves, in order to reach compromises that will allow the relationship to move forward in a healthy manner and happily ever after to resume.

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