Our Mission

Alisha L. Cobb Overcoming Adversity


Overcome Adversity’s mission is to provide a high level of quality therapeutic care for those in the midst of struggles and adversities in order to help individuals regain a sense of control over their lives and live a fuller, more meaningful life.


Overcome Adversity’s vision as a company is to grow into an outpatient service center where multiple therapists are available to work with Individuals, Couples, Families, and Parents. As we grow we will be able to help a larger number of people seeking counseling services and have the ability to help more people make positive changes in their lives. Below is a condensed list of things we feel all people have the right to experience during their lives.

  • People deserve to give and receive love.
  • People are worthy of building and maintaining trusting relationships.
  • People should be able to share their feelings and emotions with others.
  • People need to be able to communicate with each other ineffective ways.
  • People deserve to have the ability to work through traumatic events they have experienced, be able to cope with such events, and then be able to move forward in a positive direction in their future.
  • People should be able to make mistakes and learn from them in order to do things better in the future.
  • People deserve to give and receive forgiveness for wrongdoings.
  • People are worthy of feeling that others are listening to what they are saying.
  • People should feel safe and protected.
  • People need to have close companionships with others.
  • People deserve to be happy.
  • People are worthy of enjoying life.
  • People should feel that they have support from others involved in their lives.
  • People deserve the freedom to make their own decisions without feeling guilty or judged by others.
  • People are worthy of having respect from others whether it be from people they are close to or from complete strangers.