History of our Therapist

Overcome Adversity started in April 2013. We are a new company working toward becoming well known within our community. We work with those in need seeking counseling services. Currently, we have one counselor and share office space with two other therapists in Jefferson City, TN.

Alisha L. Cobb MSC, LPC-S/MHSP

Alisha Cobb obtained her LPC (licensed professional counselor) and MHSP (mental health service provider) licensure. She was under the direct supervision of an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) from 2013-2015. Alisha has been a licensed professional counselor since 2014.

Special interest in helping people work through difficulties they are facing in order to get to a better place in life. Everyone faces various types of struggles throughout life and it is nice to find someone who can help you navigate through those times. It’s very important to me to develop strong, trusting relationships with my clients. This creates a safe environment for issues to be discussed and goals to be set. A solid working relationship helps people feel comfortable in discussing difficult things and situations they are going through which helps to get to the root of a problem & find a true solution. I attended Carson-Newman University where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in applied psychology and a master’s degree in counseling. I have been licensed as an LPC-MHSP since 2014. I’ve worked in an agency setting since 2006 providing counseling services to children and their families. My private practice focuses more on working with adults and couples. From a young age, I wanted to spend my life helping others. I found the counseling profession to be a perfect fit for me. I enjoy working with clients to help them find their path to living a happier, healthy life.

Peers we share office space with have varying degrees of experience and are in different stages of licensure.

David Pittman LMFT

LMFT (licensed marriage and family therapist) – David Pittman.

We all need a little help at various points in life….. Everyone has times in life when it is difficult to work through things on your own. Marital/Couple Problems, Separation/Divorce, Blended families, Adolescence Problems, Intimacy Issues, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Alcohol-Drug Abuse, Parenting Issues, Grief or Bereavement Issues, Stress, Conflict Resolution, Addiction, and many more. Many times, we need someone to help us sort through these changes in our lives. Change is difficult. But by having someone to walk with us through the process of change and challenge us to approach our problems differently, we can grow, succeed and be happy. My belief is that we all have times in our lives when life itself has lost its joy and is overwhelming. We are sad and overwhelmed with family struggles, or are just stuck in a rut at work. Therapy helps you find your way to the life you want for yourself and your family. This is a practice where focus and aim is helping the “Whole Person, Couples, & Families” in their world and life. The focus covers many areas to include: emotional, mental, psychological, career, financial, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and others. Call or Email David G Pittman for a free consultation now – (865) 240-2201

Tommy Clapp, MSC

Pre Licensed – Tommy Clapp.

I am here for you. My number one goal is to provide top-quality care that is affordable, efficient and helpful. As a Client, you can expect to see great customer service, care, quality, and confidentiality. I know how to help you and growing up in East Tennessee I know the area in which we live and the hardships and joys that come with that. Give me a call or email and let’s work together to find that better you! I have worked in the field of experiential learning for 10 years. I am a Pre-Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Using multiple approaches to counseling, I utilizes cognitive behavior therapy, reality therapy/choice theory, and solution focus therapy to meet your needs. Utilizing both traditional counseling, as well as an experiential learning option, I can provide a holistic experience for healing, comfort, and growth. We now offer Experiential Counseling. Check out my website for details! Call or Email Tommy E Clapp for a free consultation now – (865) 375-8411

If a client feels that he or she would benefit more from working with either of the other two counselors in our shared office space, such arrangements can be made.

Counseling Session

We believe that it is extremely important for the person seeking therapy to feel comfortable with their therapist. It is important they feel that they can open up about their issues and struggles effectively with the therapist. Business is important, ensuring that a person is receiving the help that they need is more important and of a higher priority. If none of our team in our office space are appropriate fits, referrals to other therapists or outpatient can be made.