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When is it too late for Couples Therapy?

Marital Counseling – Counseling can help couples work through divorce causing issues

Considering marital counseling? From this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part. These are traditional wedding vows many people commit to without ever thinking they will get to a place in life in which they question if these are promises they can or want to keep. Most people get married to a person they could not imagine living without, a person they get to have that happily ever after with. People think “Those divorce rates will never apply to us. We love each other.” Fast forward 3, 5, 12, 36 years later, and many couples find themselves in a place where divorce sounds like the best solution for the situation.

Things Great Couples Do / Don’t Do

Save your Marriage with marriage therapy
Marriage Therapy

Relationships have highs and lows. Many couples reach a point in their relationship when they may need to seek couples counseling in order to resolve issues and maintain the Relationship. Couples may even seek couples counseling or couples therapy several times over the course of their relationship. As with any situation in which counseling is needed, the sooner you seek help the better; however, no matter the degree of disintegration in your relationship it can be a very beneficial experience. There are numerous reasons why couples feel they may need to seek couples counseling or therapy. We offer couples therapy near Knoxville, TN. Here are a few potential reasons to seek couples therapy:

couples therapy couples counseling overcome adversity cobb
Couples Therapy / Couples Counseling Overcome Adversity
  • You are not communicating with each other.
  • Keeping secrets from each other.
  • You are having an affair or have considered doing so.
  • Your overall opinion of each other is negative.
  • You are afraid to talk to your significant other.
  • You have the same argument with each other repeatedly.
  • Something has happened that has come between you and your partner.
  • You feel like your significant other continues to do something that he/she knows hurts you.
  • You feel your partner is controlling.
  • Your sexual relationship does not meet your expectations.
  • You do not feel that your significant other is supportive of you.
  • Your relationship has been through a traumatic event (loss of a child, loss of a job, etc.).
  • You no longer feel that as a couple you are spending quality time together.
  • You feel as though you get more support outside of your relationship than from it.

Seeking Couples Counseling in Knoxville, TN

marriage counseling overcome my adversity
Marriage Counseling

It is never too late to seek couples counseling if both people involved are willing to do their part to make positive changes in order to keep their relationship intact. Seeking couples counseling does not mean that your relationship is broken, it just means that it may need some maintenance. Reach out to us today to see how we can help.

marital counseling therapy overcome adversity cobb
Marital Counseling Therapy | Overcome Adversity

How can I tell if a therapist is right for me when seeking couples counseling?

Therapists work with many background specialties. Additionally, it’s important to find a licensed therapist that is trained in marriage counseling and couples counseling. Having a good background and experience is important. Find a counselor that your can trust and get the support you need.

Christian Counseling Knoxville, TN

Couples Counseling Knoxville, TN | Overcome Adversity
Couples Counseling Knoxville, TN | Overcome Adversity

Christian counseling is offered for couples and individuals who want to incorporate their faith in the counseling process. Our faith helps us understand our life, choices we make, and provides us with a purpose.

Do you accept insurance for couples counseling or marriage counseling?

Yes, Overcome Adversity accepts most insurance plans. Therefore, couples seeking counseling in the Knoxville area can minimize the cost of couples therapy. See a list of our accepted insurances for couples counseling and therapy.

  • Counseling or Therapy accepts TennCare
  • Counseling or Therapy accepts Optum Health
  • Counseling or Therapy accepts CoverKids
  • Counseling or Therapy accepts BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
  • Overcome Adversity accepts Humana for our therapist
  • Overcome Adversity accepts Cigna for our therapist
  • Overcome Adversity accepts Bluecare insurance
  • Aetna Medicare Solutions

Marriage – a life long journey

Marriage can be a wonderful life-long journey we get to share with another human being, however, it is also something that takes a lot of hard work and commitment to properly maintain. Sometimes we think the hardest part of getting married is finding the right person when, in fact, the hardest part is continuing to work at the relationship just has hard at year 3, 5, 12, and 36 as you did in the very beginning before you were married.

marital counseling overcome adversity
Marital Counseling | Overcome Adversity

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