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Quality Parenting

How do you define good quality parenting?

Good quality parenting is more important to a child than a good school! Let’s face it children don’t come with instruction manuals. They would be a lot easier to handle if they did; however, wouldn’t life also be a little boring? No two children are alike, even if they have the same biological parents and have been raised the same way in the same household. In fact, much of the time siblings are exact opposites of each other. Heaven forbid if a family friend makes a comment that one child is exactly like his or her sibling. It can start a riot to say the least.

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Every child has his or her own personality, temperament, way of dealing with things, and communication styles. It is because of these factors that parenting can be very difficult, frustrating, and leave caretakers at their wits end. Another factor that can complicate quality parenting is the parent or caretaker themselves. Some parents have parenting styles that diminish their ability to provide good parenting to their children. In these situations if parents adjusted their parenting styles, the relationship they have with their children could potentially change in drastic ways for the better. In other instances, grandparents are in the position of raising their grandchildren. This is often causes issues because grandparents are ready to be grandparents (aka “spoil them and send them home”). When grandparents take on the responsibility of raising grandchildren they have to adjust their role from the one they were ready to play to the new responsibility they have taken on of being in a parent role.

With these factors in mind, what are some basic tips to increase quality parenting within your home? One important factor is consistency. If you set rules within your home, follow them. Secondly, if you state a consequence that will be put in place the next time your child does this or that, enforce it. Thirdly, if you are a grandparent, feeling sorry for a child because his or her parent is not taking responsibility as a parent, materialistic things will not make up for this deficit. Parenting is not easy, to say the least, but there are adjustments that can be made by the parent/caretaker and also by the child/children that can help make for a better home life for all involved.

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